Culinary — 03 July 2013
A sweet corn that’s been in development since 1989.

By Hope S. Philbrick

Raised in the Midwest, I’m familiar with corn. In fact, corn has a starring role in all my memories of childhood vacations because, this time of year in that part of the world, any hours-long drive in any direction offers views of little other than tall stalks of green.

Though some folks may pledge allegiance to one varietal over another, I’ve had no personal favorite. When asked to test Amaize corn, I was in a generous mood so agreed to do it, but had no expectations of being, well, amazed.

Yesterday, two cobs in husks arrived via Fed Ex. The little pack that at one time must have been frozen to keep things cool had gone soft. Roasting gently in the truck for who knows how long, the box smelled like corn. So Amaize immediately became the answer to the question, “What’s for dinner?”

Coincidentally, the day before I’d prepared some Silver Queen corn on the cob that had been harvested from a friend’s garden that morning. Thus, I wouldn’t be comparing this Amaize corn to a distant memory of fresh corn.

Amiaze corn is a rare breed of sweet white corn, grown in limited supply throughout the United States. Billed as “the sweetest corn you’ll ever taste,” Amaize Sweet Corn was bred by George Crookham and Bruce Hobdey via traditional, natural breeding methods through hybridization. The duo tested more than 10,000 variations of corn before pinpointing the balance of texture and taste selected to become Amaize Sweet Corn.

After removing the husks and giving the cobs a quick zap in the microwave, we lightly buttered and salted them and bit into the taste test.

The verdict: Love at first bite.

The texture of Amaize is distinctive. It’s crispy yet tears off the cob easily, so it’s gentler on the teeth when eaten straight off the cob. Kernels are juicy and almost squeak with delicious sweetness. Yet it’s not too sweet, not like a bucket of kettle caramel corn. It tastes like straight-from-the-garden fresh goodness.

Bottom line: Two thumbs up. I’ll be buying more of this stuff.

More Information…

Amaize Sweet Corn is only available for a limited time during summer and is sold exclusively in select stores in Atlanta, Minneapolis, Buffalo, New Orleans, Toronto, Portland, San Antonio and Sacramento.

-Photo courtesy Amaize Sweet Corn 

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