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La Tagliatella is an Italian restaurant owned by a Spanish company. If you’re aware of Spain’s experimental approach to food, the presentations here make sense. Dishes are often deconstructed—think piles of individual ingredients fanned around pizza, not mingled together all across the entire pie. If that sounds fun to you, then you might also like the scaloppine which arrives with your pick of one of five sauces on the side. (I asked and, no, you cannot get two sauces. So make up your mind. I can vouch for the balsamic reduction, which is creamy and delicious.)

If you’re in no mood to experiment, better to stick with the pasta where the sauce arrives as expected atop the noodles. There are more than 400 pasta and sauce combinations available, which is ideal if you plan to eat at this place every day of the year but hate repeating meals. But it may be intimidating for the indecisive. So here’s a tip to help narrow it down: Avoid the gnocchi. Fresh pastas are made fresh daily in-house and there are also three dried pasta options. Grated Parmesan cheese is presented in a small glass and chrome dish, so you can sprinkle a little or pile on a lot as suits your preference.

I’m still craving the pizza that I imagined that I had ordered, with toppings of ham, shrimp, goat cheese, pepper and artichokes. Sounds delicious, right? But with each slice comprised of just one ingredient, I’m left to imagine what the combination may have tasted like. Responding to my surprise as it was set upon the table, one of our three servers said, “It’s so you can appreciate the flavors of each ingredient on its own.” So go ahead, order the foie gras and rest assured you can move along to another piece if it turns out that you don’t like it. But what to do if you want the ham slice and so does your dining companion? Arm wrestle? Fret not, the pizza arrives with a large wheel cutter that is very sharp and makes sharing a breeze. Armed with the knowledge of how the pizza is prepared, you might order accordingly: There is a layer of cheese under all of the toppings, and the crust is thin, crispy and cooked to perfection.

Lemon sorbet is light as air.

Our servers were all attentive and friendly, most especially the female lead server. You may fall in love, but back off–she’s engaged.

The wine list features great options from the U.S. as well as Italy and, of course, Spain. So bottoms up! This would be a great place to pass out, but you’ll want to retain consciousness: The ceiling is quite beautiful.

Bottom Line: Curiosity will lure first timers and reasonable prices plus a plethora of possible combinations may bring folks back for wine and pasta.

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La Tagliatella – Midtown
919 Peachtree St.
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