Abbeville, SC

The high point of South Carolina.

By Hope S. Philbrick

Known as the birthplace and deathbed of the Confederacy, Abbeville is located in South Carolina’s Old 96 District, in the western part of the state bordering Georgia.

Founded in 1785, Abbeville County today is comprised of six towns and communities, the largest of which is Abbeville, home to a historic square that remains a vibrant hub for modern-day activities.

The biggest surprise of our recent visit: Though not located in the mountainous Upcountry, Abbeville boasts three of the tallest points in the state:

1. The Abbeville Opera House has the tallest free-standing brick wall in the United States. The magnificent three-story building designed in the beaux-arts classic style was dedicated in 1908 and offers seating on the main floor, balcony and three tiers of boxes. And it’s still active—currently in its 106th winter season!—and stages 36 weekends of live theatre each year.

2. The tallest California Redwood tree in South Carolina resides in Abbeville. The tree is located on private property, but easy to spot from a distance. If you’re geocaching, it’s possible to get closer.

3. The tallest building in South Carolina is Abbeville’s Prysmian Tower, a cement structure. Word is that on a clear day three states can be seen from the top: South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia.

With these three claims to tall fame, Abbeville is quite literally a high point of South Carolina.

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