Getaways for Grownups welcomes advertising with an adults-oriented focus that is legal and tasteful.

We want the ads on our site to be relevant and appealing to our diverse readers. If your aim is to promote products, businesses, festivals, attractions, destinations and venues that are adults-oriented, we’re happy to help. All advertising content is subject to editorial approval.

Advertising packages are customized to meet your needs and fit your budget. These are some options…

Web Ads
Get noticed with a banner or sidebar ad. We publish finished ads in the dimensions specified in the format of .png, .jpg or .gif (no flash); we can recommend design service providers if you need help. We can also work with you on custom ad sizes if needed.

  • Sidebar ad (125 x 125 pixels)
  • Sidebar ad (300 x 250 pixels)
  • Homepage Top Banner ad (468 x 60 pixels)

Sponsored Editorials / Advertorials
Sponsored content appears on our website in the same format as feature articles but without a byline; according to FTC guidelines, such posts must be labeled as sponsored. You may provide us with text and photos or hire us to write your sponsored post.

Social Media Packages
Let us promote you on our social media channels with #sponsored posts. We’ll include your message in our regular feed. We suggest this option as an add-on to other advertising.

Promos, Giveaways & Innovations
We can partner with you on special promotions and product giveaways. If you’re interested in getting your product in the hands of more adults or would like to get feedback before entering a new market, give us a call.

We can get creative. We can even conduct surveys and polls.

Take a look at our Editorial Calendar and download our 2018 Media Kit to learn more. For more information or to purchase an advertising package, contact us.

We look forward to working with you!

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