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Don’t let the fact that you wear glasses stop you from playing sports.

If you wear glasses, or have figured out that contacts and water don’t easily mix, Anglo Italian Optical makes it easy to see while swimming or skiing.

The company launched the Aquaviz and Sportviz lines of sport masks that work with a lens insert made to your prescription. Since its inception in 1987, the company has supplied well over 25 million lenses and frames to customers around the world.

The Claim: “A brand new innovative line of affordable swim, dive/snorkel, and snow masks featuring a unique custom prescription lens insert that can be swapped between the three.”

First Impression: Awesome! For eyeglass wearers, this product looks like a dream come true.

An avid swimmer, I’ve long wanted a pair of swim goggles that would enable me to see and also manage to keep the chlorine out of my eyes. This makes it easy—simply scan and email your prescription along with your product order and within days the affordable kit arrives in the mail. Ordering can be a bit confusing at first because there are so many options and different pieces, but with a little focused attention it can be figured out.

Road Test: When the package arrived I held the prescription insert up to my eyes and could see clear.

Aquaviz lens insert with clear lensesAquaviz lens insert with polarized lensesInserting the lens into a sport mask is easy—just align the tabs and push until pieces click together. It’s easy to snap between the clear and sunglass inserts, as well as swap them between the swim/watersport goggles and ski/snow mask.

As soon as my condo pool reopened after resurfacing, I donned the swim goggles and jumped in. Yay! I could clearly see the new elaborate tile work on the pool floor and swim around without water leaking into the goggles.

I trust the ski/snow mask works equally well, but I can’t test it in Atlanta in July…except to say the prescription insert fits just as well and as easily into that mask as it does the swim/watersports mask.

Final Analysis: Excellent. This is must-have sport gear for active folks who wear eyeglasses. If you enjoy multiple activities and/or sun conditions, you’ll need to order multiple pieces to maximize the potential of this product.

Free Advice: Even if you only need one mask, order both the sunglass lenses and clear lenses, since even an indoor pool can be bathed in bright sunlight and a lake may beckon under cloudy skies.

Get It: At Prices start at $70.

Aquaviz Swim and Dive masksSnow Mask

—By Hope S. Philbrick

Photos courtesy Aquaviz & Sportviz

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