As Seen In NYC

“Start spreading the news….”

It’s impossible not to be excited when you see years of hard work culminate in a big, dramatic splash of light.

Our Getaways for Grownups logo lit up the Nasdaq tower in Times Square, New York, New York on December 30, 2015.


This happened. It’s real, no photoshop, no filter.

NASDAQ tower, Times Square NYC, Dec. 30, 2015

We’re pumped. “If we can make it there, we’ll make it anywhere!” (Or so sang Frank Sinatra about New York City.) We take this as a cue to get even bigger and bolder in the year ahead.

It’s time for resolutions and we’ve got a suggestion for you and everyone in the 21plus crowd:

For 2016, resolve to make time for some Adult Fun. You Deserve It.

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Sounds like a plan.

Happy New Year!



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