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Courtesy H+I Adventures
H+I Adventures launches new bike tour to Chile and Patagonia.
Sweep down active volcanoes, crest high Andean passes and scale the granite in Torres del Paine.

Award-winning mountain biking experts H+I Adventures have launched a new two-wheel odyssey along the trail of southern giants in Chile and Patagonia. The 12-day bike tour features singletrack through bamboo and native araucaria trees and trail riding across a moonscape of petrified lava and up snow-covered volcanoes. An adventure that goes beyond the bike, travellers will paddle between aquamarine icebergs, share a meal with indigenous Mapuche people, and hike steep moraine to view the famous Torres del Paine peaks. The tour debuts November 7, 2016.

“Our newest tour is a dynamic adventure where intermediate riders spend seven days biking in Chile’s beautiful Lakes and Volcanoes district and then an extra four days exploring Patagonia by foot and kayak,” said Euan Wilson, owner, H+I Adventures.

Courtesy H+I AdventuresFrom volcanic ash to moss-covered lava, mountain bikers will experience a variety of surprising trail surfaces. With expert guidance from H+I’s local Chilean guide, riders will be perfectly tooled up to crest Andean passes and tackle fast and flowing technical singletrack down dominating volcanoes, like Mocho-Choshuenco.

Trip highlights include an exploration of the Huilo Huilo biosphere reserve, where travellers follow a historic trail to the border of Argentina, one that was first established as an escape route for rebels who opposed Pinochet’s dictatorship. Adventurers will also storm parts of the world famous Trans-Andes Challenge and discover a phenomenal glacier which is completely covered by the volcanic ashes of Villarrica.

H+I Adventures is known for its seamless blend of exceptional mountain biking with local cultural experiences. Mountain bikers will visit a Mapuche community to learn about their cultural customs and enjoy a delicious meal around a fire. A traditional asado (BBQ) on the shores of Lake Petrohue is also included in the trip.

The new bike tour features a variety of unique accommodation, from lakeside lodges and cozy domes in Patagonia to woodland cabins and traditional, family-run hotels.

Chile is the eleventh destination added to H+I’s collection of bike adventures.

Chile - H+I Adventures

More Information… or 1-888-228-5035

– Text & images courtesy H+I Adventures


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