Indian Street Grill by Chai Pani

Botiwalla Indian Street Grill in Alpharetta GA

It’s always a good sign when an ethnic restaurant counts members of that ethnicity among its dining patrons.

On a recent visit to the new Botiwalla location in Alpharetta (which is north of Atlanta, Georgia), both the indoor and outdoor dining areas were populated by a diverse mix of eaters (representing Atlanta!), including several folks who probably don’t think of Indian menu items so much as “Indian food” as simply “food.”

Rather than pick my own way through the menu, I asked the manager on duty for recommendations. All of her suggestions proved to be delicious.

Botiwalla lamb sliders arrive as twins nestled into a basket. They’re topped with creamy green and red cabbage slaw, green chutney, and spicy ketchup.

lamb sliders at Botiwalla Indian Street Grill in Alpharetta GA

Chicken tikka roll tucks North Indian-spiced chicken (marinated in yogurt, lime juice, and Kashmiri chili paste) into hot-buttered naan with slaw, onions, cilantro, and chutney.

sigri at Botiwalla Indian Street Grill in Alpharetta GA

Masala smashed potatoes are crispy fingerlings tossed with salt, chaat, masala, lime juice, and cilantro and served with spicy ketchup.

masala smashed potatoes at Botiwalla Indian Street Grill in Alpharetta GA

Savory puffed flower crisps (puris) are stuffed with potatoes, onions, cilantro, sweet yogurt, green and tamarind chutney, and topped with crunchy chickpea noodles. These are served cold.

appetizer at Botiwalla Indian Street Grill in Alpharetta GA

Chai tea is a tasty sip option any time of day. Tamarind cola and pineapple turmeric soda are two more thirst-quenching, taste bud-pleasing non-alcoholic options—but if you are in the mood for a an adult beverage try a boozy slushy.

Icecreamwalla cups are hard-frozen, so you can easily take one home and eat it once there even if you live several miles away you may still need to wait awhile for it to soften enough to spoon up. Badam Milk is dominated by almond flavors. Chai biscuit tastes like chai tea.

Botiwalla Indian Street Grill in Alpharetta GA

Botiwalla is a new fast-casual restaurant concept by Chef Meherwan Irani, the creator of Chai Pani. Botiwalla is more casual than its sibling and offers a more limited menu—this is more the type of cuisine you can grab and go, or eat and run. The Alpharetta location is right smack adjacent to the “central park” of Alpharetta City Center, so the odds of encountering children can be high but multiple seating options are available and patrons tend not to linger long, so a pleasant dining experience is standard.

According to press materials, “Botiwalla is Chef Meherwan Irani’s homages to his lifelong love of kababs and Irani cafés, which were originally tea and kabab houses…. With a strange and wonderful mash-up of Victorian décor and Indian sensibilities, they catered to the English colonists’ love of high tea and afternoon snacks.” Thus at Botiwalla, Irani Café High Tea is available every Monday through Friday.

Drop in whenever thirst or hunger coincide with a craving for full flavor.

More Information…

24 South Main St.
Alpharetta GA 30009

Other locations:

Ponce City Market, 675 Ponce de Leon Ave. NE, Atlanta, GA

Coming soon to Optimist Hall, Charlotte, NC


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