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California is home to thousands of small family wineries handcrafting great wine in quantities too limited to be found in stores or shops across the country.

Once upon a time, the only way to taste the wines from these boutique wineries was to take a trip to California. (And, while that’s still a super fun way to discover wines, it’s not always convenient each month.)

Now, The California Wine Club can help introduce you and your loved ones to these small wineries with wine delivered right to your door.

Since 1990, wine club founders Bruce and Pam Boring have been sharing hidden gems with wine lovers, in the process setting the high bar for providing superior wines to members. Club purveyors personally visit and source bottles only from local vineyards and wineries, supporting the families behind them. These wineries typically produce less than 10,000 cases of wine a year, meaning they typically aren’t on the radar of distributors and have little chance of being carried in a retail location.

How It Works…

Join the club to receive monthly deliveries of two bottles of award-winning wine from small family wineries. If after tasting you want to order additional bottles of the featured wines, they’re available through the club at up to 50% off normal retail. And every wine is backed by the club’s 100% guarantee. There are five club levels to choose from, starting at $39.95 a month plus shipping. You can cancel at any time, but odds are you won’t want to.

A membership can make the best gift for any wine lover. Even if that wine lover is you.

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California Wine Club


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