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Driving the Blue Ridge Parkway

The Slow Road through Appalachia by Katie DeTar Milepost 0: Waynesboro, VA. My Husband, David, pulls the call to the side of the road, pausing. “I just need a moment before we go back to reality,” [...]

Nevada’s Valley of Fire

Walk the path of dinosaurs. By Julia Bayly Once in Las Vegas, Nevada, turns out it can pretty hard to find a reason for leaving that city. A dizzying array of food, entertainment, gambling, art and [...]

Under Kentucky

Subterranean Adventures By Hope S. Philbrick “Caves are like snowflakes,” says Dave Foster, geologist and executive director of Hidden River Cave and the American Cave Museum. “No two are alike. You need to see them all. [...]

Hidden River Cave

Under the historic town of Horse Cave, Kentucky By Hope S. Philbrick Featured on Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs” series, this eight-mile underground maze was carved by a subterranean river. In 1867, famed naturalist John Muir called [...]

Cub Run Cave

Spectacular subterranean treasure in Kentucky Cave Country. By Hope S. Philbrick The idea for this travel series theme “Under Kentucky” appealed to me before I stopped to analyze the fact that researching it would require me [...]

Mammoth Onyx Cave

A cave that seems ready for Hollywood—whether the script is about running moonshine, hiding from authorities, alien planets or Kentucky’s underbelly. By Hope S. Philbrick Stalagmites and stalactites, cave popcorn and cave cauliflower are among the [...]

Mammoth Cave National Park

Kentucky is home to the world’s longest cave—by more than 100 miles and counting! By Hope S. Philbrick The longest known cave system in the world, Mammoth Cave is currently measured at 400 miles—and some areas [...]

Lost River Cave

Take a boat tour under Bowling Green, Kentucky By Hope S. Philbrick One of the largest cave entrances east of the Mississippi River leads to a watery passageway 60 feet below Highway 31W.  At Lost River [...]

Outlaw Cave

An ideal introduction to caving at Kentucky Action Park By Hope S. Philbrick Outlaw Cave is cavernous and picturesque, with many colorful formations including large floor-to-ceiling columns. Water drips consistently in this active, misty cave. First [...]

Amicalola Falls State Park

Georgia’s Gateway to the Appalachian Trail By Hope S. Philbrick “Bring lots of water!” That advice was readily doled out by anyone who knew my husband and I were planning to hike to the top of [...]

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