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Chef Chris Coleman

Now in charge of food and beverage at Charlotte Marriott City Center, Chef Coleman talks about his newest challenge. By Hope S. Philbrick Since we first met him, Chef Chris Coleman has accepted a new job [...]

Chef Josh Fryer

Meet the new chef of AG at The Ritz-Carlton Atlanta. By Hope S. Philbrick Chef Josh Fryer is now at the helm of the kitchen at AG, the restaurant located inside The Ritz-Carlton Atlanta located Downtown [...]

Muhammad Ali Legacy Tour

Louisville, Kentucky is home of a legend. By Renée S. Gordon On January 17, 1942 Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. was born to Odessa O’Grady and Cassius Clay Sr. He was their firstborn; 18 months later his [...]

LGBTQ Equality in Atlanta

According to a new report by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, Atlanta leads the way on LGBTQ inclusion in a difficult state. At a time when many states have failed to extend LGBTQ-inclusive laws and policies, [...]

Cole Younger Just

UPDATE: THE COCKENTRICE HAS CLOSED. Meet the beverage director at Krog Street Market’s The Cockentrice. By Hope S. Philbrick Cole Younger Just was named “Bartender of the Year” by Atlanta Magazine in 2015. He is now [...]

CDC Travelers’ Health

Keeping international travelers informed. By Hope S. Philbrick Last night, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) shared safe travel tips with members of Atlanta Travel Massive. Leading the discussion was Carolina Urbine, MPH, public health advisor [...]

Conch Republic to Celebrate 34th ‘Birthday’

Key West, Florida to host 34th ‘birthday’ celebration April 22-May 1, 2016. Aspiring Conch Republic citizens can celebrate the offbeat “nation’s” birthday April 22 through May 1 with activities ranging from a drag race for female [...]

AARP Predicts 2016 Travel Trends

Want to follow or buck the travel trends? First, you have to know what they are… AARP recently released a survey highlighting travel trends for adults age 50+. According to the survey, adults age 50+ are expected [...]

Arni’s Driftwood Kingdom

Meet the artist recluse of Flinders Island, north of Tasmania, Australia. By Hans Egefalk We all have our favourite places. It might be a fancy restaurant—by the foreshore, somewhere out in the country or on a [...]

Sara Eyestone

Meet the artist and art curator at La Posada de Santa Fe. By Hope S. Philbrick Sara Eyestone is an artist celebrated for her elegant floral oil paintings and sensitive family portraits created with unusual color [...]

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