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Cutluxe Announces 20% discount on Black Friday (November 26, 2021).

Cutluxe knife with ingredients on blue counter

The Pitch: “Cutluxe aims to revolutionize daily meal preparation, enabling users to chop ingredients faster and easier. Since its launch in 2017, Cutluxe has helped thousands of people to explore the art of cooking through their range of knives.

“Described by many as the “kitchen beast,” Cutluxe is available in 3 different types: Artisan, Olivery and Shinobi. All are made with the highest quality materials to ensure durability and an amazing chopping experience.

“Cutluxe has continued to enjoy rave reviews from different categories of users and the 20% discount, which will also be available on Amazon, will attract more shoppers to the brand.

“’Needed a couple of extra larger chef’s knifes for mom’s kitchen so I can cook while there but didn’t want to spend $$$ for others to destroy when I’m not there. Bought several to try out, this was the best of the lot. If you are used to higher-end one you may be disappointed in the weight. I found that the feel and edge perform extremely well. Not a solid as my home knives are but I wasn’t disappointed in the performance,’ said Sandy Clark.”

Road Test: We tested the Artisan Santuko. It is heavy, but the sharp knife edge effectively cuts lettuce, cheese, fish, and other items.

Bottom Line: Don’t want to tote your best knives to a campsite, beach house, or relatives’ house? This will do the job at a bargain price.

Cutluxe knife Images courtesy Cutluxe

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