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Any time of year, Austin, Texas is a great spot for outdoor experiences. There are plenty of things for grownups to bond over, and that doesn’t just include drinks. Leave the kids (if you’ve got any) at home with a trusted adult and escape with a loved one or a group of friends for some fun and well-deserved R&R at any of the following places.

Rancho Pillow, located an hour outside of downtown, provides a variety of quirky lodging options. Choose among the Tower House, the Teepee, the Love Shack, the Red House, and the Barn, each with its own unique charms. Of course, if you’re planning a weekend for two then you should definitely consider the Love Shack. Rancho Pillow’s concept is to offer a magical wonderland for guests through its colorfully quaint decors. The place is a 20-acre compound, so you can roam around and check out the amenities, such as the bathhouse and pool.

Nland Surf Park

Credit: Nland Surf Park

Nland Surf Park is America’s first and only surf park and it’s located right in Austin. It features a variety of party waves to surf, including the Waikiki-style Inside Waves or the more adventurous Steep Reef Waves. While the waves may not accurately simulate an actual ocean wave surf, they definitely help keep the love for surfing alive. It’s the ideal place to practice surfing, especially if you’re a beginner and are still nervous about surfing on ocean waters, since the conditions are controlled. Aside from the waves, you can also hang out by the taproom for some live music, drinks, film screenings, and more. For the most adults-oriented experience, you may want to avoid midday on weekends since Nland Surf Park can get packed.

Credit: Oasis on Lake Travis

Credit: Oasis on Lake Travis

Oasis on Lake Travis is a tiered outdoor restaurant nestled by the Central Texas Highland Lakes. The restaurant itself has earned the reputation of Sunset Capital of Texas due to its scenic views as the sun dips down to the horizon. The restaurant accommodates parties of 2 to 2,500 and provides live music. There’s nothing more romantic than a date with breathtaking views of the lake, which is what makes Oasis a popular getaway for celebrities and TV personalities. The restaurant also has special offers for couples, such as the Lover’s Locks. You can purchase a lock from the on-site gift shop and fasten it on the balcony on the restaurant’s decks. Oasis is not currently taking reservations but you are welcome to hang out at the outdoor decks while waiting for a table.

Midnight Cowboy is located on 6th Street, the premier party strip which is definitely not suitable for children. The establishment isn’t far from town but the fact that it’s a reservations-only cocktail bar with several leather booths and private rooms will make you feel like you’re in an entirely new place. Add the fact that it is hard to find, since this lushly decorated speakeasy is hidden within a drab exterior. Now is a great time to go because Midnight Cowboy has a new cocktail menu which includes cocktails with interesting ingredients like blue cheese and artichoke leaves. The bar also recently added a small space for walk-ins. Whether it’s a night out with your buddies or a date with a partner, this place would offer a unique refuge from the outside world. Reservations can be made through the official website.

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