Dr. Robert Kaufmann’s new IV clinic in Buckhead, Ga., aims to help folks feel refreshed in less than an hour.

By Hope S. Philbrick

Great news if you aren’t a fan of drinking water: You can go a faster, more direct route for hydration. Sit back in a recliner, hold your arm out and a kind medical technician will hook you up to an IV so fluids are pumped directly into your veins.

Does that sound fun to you?

Apparently IV “bars” are all the rage in L.A. Now Atlantans need not miss out on this rising trend, with the new Hydro-Clinic that opened in Buckhead on January 1, 2014.

It sounded just strange enough for me to agree to give it a try.

“So how many people come in here and get an IV just for the hell of it?” I asked Becca McWaters, who greeted me at the door shortly after my arrival.

She laughed and said practically no one. Most folks come in for relief from “fatigue, muscle aches, overexertion, hangovers, jet lag, flu, flu-like symptoms and dehydration,” she says.

Does it really work?

Hydro-clinic consent form“I’ve seen people come in who are hung over or have flu-like symptoms and are visibly miserable,” she said. “Then by the time they leave their color is back and they’re saying how much better they feel.” She noted that one client came in for a migraine headache and after 45 minutes of treatment the pain had vanished. She said that she tried the anti-inflammatory treatment and felt it was as effective as a massage.

Led by Dr. Robert Kaufmann—who I did not meet during my visit—Hydro-clinic offers hydration therapy, billed as “the newest frontier in medical care.” Fluids, medications and vitamins are directly delivered into the bloodstream intravenously. The IV fluid treatments are tailored to each patient’s symptoms and administered by experienced, board-certified medical personnel. The treatment rooms are comfortable, sterile, almost spa-like. Unless you arrive with a friend who is equally hung over (or whatever) and you want to share a treatment room, you’ll be in a room alone for privacy. All private rooms are equipped with two chairs to accommodate friend “parties.”

Hydro-clinic IVI arrived with no symptoms, so the technician who administered my IV recommended a vitamin “cocktail.”

I’d like to tell you that the treatment made me feel energized, younger and thinner. I’d even mentioned to the tech those were the results that I most hoped to see. He laughed and said such feelings were possible, and might even last a week, but that it would not make me richer. Darn.

“Of course to hydrate you can drink fluids,” he said while prepping my arm. “But we lose so much hydration through perspiration and even breathing.”

Treatments are described as lasting about 30 minutes; mine took over an hour, but I’d inadvertently kinked the IV line. The IV itself was relatively pain-free.

After the treatment I didn’t notice a dramatic change, but I had arrived feeling good. Taking an hour to sit and do nothing is a luxury I don’t often grant myself, so doing that did make the experience enjoyable.

More Information…

Treatments range from $29 for the most basic fluids to $99 for a full detox.

Hydro-Clinic is daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Walk-ins are always available—which is ideal since hangovers, migraines and flu-like symptoms are rarely planned.

3872 Roswell Road, A-3
Atlanta, GA 30342

Hydro-clinic BuckheadHydro-clinic treatment room






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