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entrance @ AC Hotel Atlanta Midtown

AC Hotel Atlanta Midtown

By Hope S. Philbrick Parking lots rarely impress me, but I was gobsmacked by the deck at the new AC Hotel Atlanta Midtown: It’s arguably...
Ignacia Guest House Mexico City

5 Boutique Hotels That Feel Special

Advertorial When it comes to hotels, bigger isn’t always better. Tiny hotels, which can be structured as houses, lodges or camps,  can be packed with...
Baltimore, Maryland

Quick Stop: Baltimore, Maryland

By Hope S. Philbrick At dinner with friends one night, our friends revealed that they’d be going to Baltimore, Maryland in a few days. “Eat dinner...
2019 Chevrolet Equinox FWD LT 2.0T

2019 Chevrolet Equinox [Test-Drive]

By Hope S. Philbrick This trunk holds a ridiculous amount of shoes. As a professional traveler, I pride myself on being able to pack light. When...
I amsterdam - sign

Art in Amsterdam

By Jill Gleeson Sure, Amsterdam may be best known for its more hedonistic, visceral pleasures, like its famed coffee shops, where patrons smoke marijuana legally,...
Sandaway Suites and Beach

Sandaway Suites & Beach

By Hope S. Philbrick “We can’t be all things to all people,” says Wendy Gibson, who owns and operates Sandaway Suites & Beach in Oxford,...