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The Local - lobster macaroni and cheese

By Hope S. Philbrick

There’s a lot of good food to eat in Virginia.

But since returning home from my recent ten-day road trip through the state, if there was just one dish that I could conjure up at will out of thin air to enjoy again and again it would be the lobster macaroni and cheese at The Local.

I shared a bowlful with two friends as a starter and after one forkful all three of us simultaneously, involuntarily sighed contented mmmmmmmmmmms. And then forks flew as we realized that our dining companions were now competitors and raced to shovel more into our mouths before our entrées arrived, reluctant to let one morsel go to waste and preferring more got into our own than our friends’ mouths.

Now, I’m a person who has sampled a whole lot of lobster macaroni and cheese. So it carries some significance when I tell you that this is, by far, the best lobster macaroni and cheese I’ve ever had.

Like a first kiss, this rendition is one you’ll dream about and crave to replicate ever after.

At The Local the macaroni is combined with local Mountain View marmac and marscapone cheese and topped with big chunks of Maine lobster. It’s available in two sizes: $9 for a small bowl and $17 for a large. Get the large.

Always get the large.

Calorie- and hunger-squashing-wise, the small is sufficient. But your taste buds will definitely thank you for splurging on the large. If for some reason you manage not to shovel it all into your face in one sitting, you can pack up the leftovers for later.

The Local is a restaurant that celebrates local produce and food producers. It’s also a place that’s even more popular with neighborhood residents (e.g., locals) than tourists. Whatever you order, expect fresh, seasonal cuisine served alongside a range of wines, beers and ciders crafted by local artisans. In each of its seven dining and event spaces, the casual atmosphere buzzes with the communal sharing of good times and good tastes.

Our recommendation: Order the lobster macaroni and cheese. And tell your friends to get their own.

More Information…

The Local
824 Hinton Ave (Belmont)
Charlottesville, Virginia 22902

Odds of Encountering Children: Likely, but there are multiple dining spaces so you can request a quiet area.

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