Lowcountry Lounger: A Peach Cocktail Recipe

A peach cocktail recipe inspired by Georgia and South Carolina ingredients.

By Hope S. Philbrick

Quite possibly, the most anticipated package delivered to our house each year is the annual gift of peaches from Titan Farms in Ridge Spring, South Carolina. The peaches are juicy, sweet-tart, freestone and simply great.

With 20 peaches to consume, I can experiment with various recipes including creative cocktails.

For cocktail recipe inspiration this year, I looked to my recent visit to Augusta, Georgia where I was introduced to Fruitland Augusta Georgia Peach Vodka. Since Georgia and South Carolina are friendly border states sharing the Lowcountry, I decided to play around with marrying these two ingredients together in a glass.

The tasty result is a refreshing summertime quaffer, a peach cocktail that celebrates one fruit from two states.

Lowcountry Lounger

Lowcountry LoungerIngredients
2 ounces Fruitland Augusta Georgia Peach Vodka
1/2 ounce Titan Farms peach juice
1/4 ounce simple syrup
Ginger Ale
Lime wedge (or two)

Fill a rocks glass with ice. Add vodka, peach juice and simple syrup, stirring to blend. Top off with ginger ale to taste and squeeze the juice from a lime wedge (or two, to taste) into the glass; stir gently once or twice to combine without bursting all your bubbles. Garnish with a peach wedge. Sip and enjoy while thinking pleasant thoughts about your closest neighbor.

To make the simple syrup…
In a medium saucepan combine 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water. Bring to a boil, stirring, until sugar has dissolved. Remove from heat. Allow to cool. Refrigerate until ready to use.
@21plusTravel Tip: Add 1 teaspoon vodka to the mix once its cooled to extend its shelf life in the refrigerator by several weeks.

To collect the peach juice…
Lowcountry LoungerPeel, pit and slice a very ripe Titan Farms peach. Put slices into a cocktail shaker and muddle until they are as liquefied as you can get them. Dump into a mesh strainer positioned over a measuring cup and gently press to extract juice. Avoid pressing too hard because you want to collect the juice not the pulp. Reserve the pulp for another purpose, such as blending into Greek yogurt and topping with a drizzle of Tupelo honey and Georgia pecans for a yummy + healthy Southern treat.
More Information…

Fruitland Augusta Vodka

Titan Farms

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