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Getaways for Grownups is an online magazine written by professional writers for adults seeking travel options that do not include children. There are hundreds of websites devoted to family travel. Our goal is different. We scout the earth for places to go and things to do that are adult oriented. Not kinky. Just grownup.

The Audience

Getaways for Grownups is aimed at adults seeking travel options that do not include children or teens. Readers are age 21 and older. They are financially secure and may be single or married, gay or straight, parents or not, English-language readers living anywhere in the world. Most readers have valid passports.

The magazine was launched September 1, 2012. The audience has steadily grown each month. Stats as of 12/15/2016:

  • 9,000+ unique monthly visitors; average 200 per day (record high of 1,330 on 10/2/15)
    • 80% female; 20% male
    • 75% reside in the U.S.
    • Others reside in Canada, France, U.K., Germany, Australia, India, Brazil, Ireland, Philippines and beyond
    • Monday, 9 a.m. is the most popular time for reader engagement
    • December and January are the most heavily trafficked months
  • 1,000+ newsletter subscribers
  • Instagram: 542 followers
    • 66% female; 34% male
    • 7% age 18-24; 26% age 25-34; 26% age 35-44; 24% age 45-54; 12% age 55-64; 5% age 65+
    • 9 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. sees heaviest traffic
    • 50% of followers reside in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Facebook: 848 page likes; 828 page followers
    • 77% female; 23% male
    • 97% reside in the U.S.
    • 0.7% age 18-24; 13% age 25-34; 24% age 35-44; 24% age 45-54; 14% age 55-64; 8% age 65+
  • Twitter: 1,344 followers
    • Average 26.2k impressions/month (high of 56.7k in March 2016)
    • 64% female; 36% male
    • 99% cite English as a native language
    • 4% age 18-24; 35% age 25-34; 34% age 35-44; 18% age 45-54; 5% age 55-64; 3% age 65+
    • 16% earn $75-100k; 16% earn $150-175k; 16% earn $175-200k; 16% earn $200-250k; 16% earn $250k+
    • 56% married; 44% single
    • 77% own home
    • 45% high school graduates; 35% college graduates; 20% earned a graduate degree
    • Consumer Buying Styles: 81% shop for premium brands; 68% home cooking/grilling; 66% fresh and healthy; 55% ethnic explorers
    • Cited Interests: 56% travel news; 44% luxury travel; 39% air travel; 38% hotels; 38% adventure travel
Editorial Calendar

Editorial subjects are geared to be timeless more than trendy, international in scope, cover a range of interests, and accompanied by compelling photos. To keep the online magazine fresh, content is published monthly or more often at the editor’s discretion. The magazine is ready to read anytime, anywhere. See our Editorial Calendar for details about planned features, departments, series and more.

21 Plus Salute!

Not all destinations and venues featured are guaranteed vacant of children and teens. We honestly assess their grownup appeal, ability to cater to an adult audience, and the likelihood of encountering youngsters with our “Odds of Encountering Children” ratings. Destinations that are truly adults-oriented as well as programs, services or venues exclusive to adults earn our 21 Plus Salute! top honors.


Getaways for Grownups is funded by advertising and welcomes partners who aim to promote products, businesses, festivals, attractions, destinations and venues that are adults-oriented. We will only consider advertising with an adults-oriented focus that is legal and tasteful. We want the ads on our site to always be relevant and appealing to our diverse readers. All advertising content is subject to editorial approval.

For full details, download our 2017 Media Kit.

We look forward to working with you!

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