Mega Cavern

The world’s only underground zip-line is in Louisville, Kentucky—and it’s awesome!

By Hope S. Philbrick

Mega Cavern is a man-made subterranean space that’s the 100-acre remains of a limestone pit mined from the ‘30s to the ‘70s. Yet “geologists say that this is the safest place in Kentucky,” says co-owner Jim Lowry. In fact, in the ‘60s state officials planned to use it as a bomb shelter if necessary; the cavern was kept a top secret to the public for many years. Today, Mega Cavern houses a recycling center, offices, warehouse space and the zip-line course. (During the winter holiday season, it hosts ‘Lights Under Louisville,’ the world’s only holiday underground light show.)

There’s plenty of elbow room, so don’t worry—this is not a cave with low ceilings and narrow passageways. Enough rock was mined from here to build all three of Egypt’s great pyramids.

galleryimg-01Tours are available riding aboard an SUV-pulled tram through 17 miles of underground passageways. You’ll see a replica of a historic Cuban Missile Crisis Bunker and learn about science, geology, history, green building technology and more.

But adventurous grownups should not miss the opportunity to zip-line one of the best zip-lines in the southeastern U.S.

Tours take about two hours and are led by two certified guides. You’ll be up to 165 feet below the highways and businesses above.

What Distinguishes This Cave…

Mega Cavern is classified by the Metro Louisville Government and the State of Kentucky as a building—it’s the largest building in the State of Kentucky and houses several businesses including the state’s largest recycling center by tonnage.

What To Do…

Zip to HellMega Zips & Adventure Tour is the only place on earth where you can zip-line in a subterranean space. There’s plenty of physical space and the sporting equipment includes a headlamp so you won’t be in the dark. The adrenaline rush differs from that of a tree-top zip-line experience, but is equally fun.

Odds of Encountering Children…

Moderate. For the best odds, visit when school is in session.

For the zip-line tour, minimum age is 8 and children up to age 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Getting There…

Mega CavernFind driving directions here.

More Information…

Mega Cavern

Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau

Read More about the subterranean world “Under Kentucky”

-Photos Courtesy Mega Cavern



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