Napa Valley Is Open For Business [Front Line Report]

California’s famed wine country survived the devastating fires and is open for business.
A report from V. Sattui Winery.

Folks in Napa Valley, California want you to know that while the recent fires were destructive, damage to wineries and vineyards was not widespread.

In fact…

  • Of the nearly 500 wineries in the Napa Valley, only 7 wineries were severely damaged or lost.
  • Damage to vineyards was very minimal, as vineyards make effective fire breaks and 90% of crop was picked prior to the fires.
  • The fires burned predominantly in the forested hills. The well-known wineries situated between Hwy 29 and Silverado were nearly untouched by fire.

The impression left by graphic images has led many vacationers to cancel plans to visit California wine country. The perception of devastation in the Napa Valley is greater than reality. In the wake of the fire disaster…

  • Innkeepers report that most reservations in the next month have been cancelled
  • Tour operators report mass cancellations
  • Wineries and restaurants are seeing a fraction of the number of visitors that usually visit during the harvest season
  • No traffic. Roads are empty!
  • Many of the victims of the disaster are experiencing a double disaster; their home was lost/damaged plus they are facing a lack of work and/or layoffs due to lack of business

Napa Valley needs visitors more than ever to support rebuilding the community and help put people back to work. The economy is based on wine tourism! Recovery depends on visitors returning to wine country!

  • Napa Valley typically welcomes 3.5 million visitors each year
  • Visitors spend $1.9 billion annually in Napa Valley
  • Tourism supports 13,437 jobs in Napa Valley

Napa Valley is OPEN FOR BUSINESS. Virtually every winery, restaurant, hotel, B&B, tour operator and transportation company is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

More Information…

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Text & image courtesy V. Sattui Winery


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