Road Tested Picnic Gear: Mermaid Straw & Rigwa Bowl

Eco-friendly essentials.

picnic gear

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, picnics are climbing up the list of fun things to do. Packing up a lunch or snacks to eat somewhere in the great outdoors, surrounded by fresh air and great views, really helps break up the monotony of staying home. Whether your picnic adventure leads into your backyard, to a community park, or the nearest state or national park, staying safe is as important as leaving no trace. Help preserve natural beauty and pack out whatever you brought in.

We recently tested two eco-friendly products that weren’t designed specifically for picnicking during a pandemic, and yet they’ve both proven to be uncannily perfect for current times. (Spoiler Alert: We dig them!)

picnic gear picnic gear

Rigwa Bowl 1.5
Pack your hot or cold food into this insulated bowl to keep it fresh. It will keep hot items hot for four hours and cold items cold up to eight hours. Made of food grade stainless steel, it’s BPA-free, durable, double walled, and vacuum sealed. It also helps eliminate the need for single-use plastics.

According to press materials, the idea for this bowl was born at the dinner table of Jericha and Zac Jordan when they finally became fed up with their hot food getting cold, and their cold food becoming soggy at a rapid rate. After months and months of testing, redesign and a lot of love, the RIGWA 1.5 bowl was born. (SRP, $48.)

It’s attractive enough to use for entertaining (when that happens again), perhaps to keep something such as a spinach artichoke dip warm on the snack buffet table. But it’s also shaped for convenient solo use, whether you want to tote a cold yogurt bowl or hot noodle bowl, whether you plan to sit at a picnic table or dangle your legs off a cliff while scooping lunch into your hike-weary mouth.

picnic gear

Mermaid Straw
Sip in style with Mermaid Straw—just one reusable straw can save an average of 584 plastic straws from being used a year! Made from high quality stainless steel, Mermaid Straw products are non-toxic, tasteless, rust-proof, and dishwasher safe (plus each one comes with a free cleaning brush).

The straws are available in a variety of colors (black, blue, purple, gold, rose gold, and iridescent Mermaid) as well as styles: slender and straight, tapered and telescopic, curved, wide. Choose various lengths, widths, and accessories (like colored tips, fabric pouches, and more). Prices start at $5, plus packs of 4, 10, and 20 straws offer discounted prices.

For picnics, the Mermaid Telescopic Straw ($15) is a convenient option. Better still is the Ultimate Mermaid Travel Set ($32) that includes every utensil you’ll need for whatever you packed: fork, spoon, knife, chopsticks, and straw all tucked into a wrap that’s machine washable.

The Travel Set is arguably 2020’s newest must-have, since even if you choose to dine at a restaurant, a safe practice to help minimize coronavirus exposure would be to use your own silverware. This wrap makes it easy to carry your personal utensils to the site clean and pack up once used to rewash back home.

Both Rigwa and Mermaid products are stylish and practical, eco-friendly and perfect for now!

—By Hope S. Philbrick

Product photos courtesy RigwaLife and Mermaid Straw; picnic © HSP Media LLC.

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