Product Tested: Fab Slabs

Fab Slabs go from counter to table

Australian cutting boards now available in the United States

Fab Slabs is a family-owned and -operated business that hails from the Sunshine Coast of Australia. Its environmentally-friendly, permanently antibacterial boards combine utility with beauty for pieces you can enjoy for years to come.

Fab Slabs cutting boards

The Claim: “Cutting boards can traditionally be a hotbed for bacteria growth. Transform your cheese platter, charcuterie spread, or chocolate tasting board into a work of art with Fab Slabs—a naturally antibacterial cutting board designed and produced in Australia and now available in the U.S.!

“Each of these beautiful, richly-toned cutting boards and grazing platters is crafted from high-quality Camphor Laurel trees, a type of timber that is naturally and permanently antibacterial. Tests performed by a NATA-approved lab showed bacteria were unable to survive after a short time, and boards used for the past 7-10 years still showed zero bacteria growth!

“Fab Slabs are…

  • Gorgeous wood grains
  • Individually handcrafted for a unique board every time
  • Made from a single slab of kiln-dried wood for lasting quality and durability
  • Made from Camphor Laurel wood to be naturally and permanently antibacterial
  • Will not blunt knives
  • Eco-Friendly
  • 100% Australian made
  • Can be personalized for special occasions
  • Available in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit any decor and use.”

First Impression: I unpacked a small sample board and thought, It’s gorgeous! Super smooth! And—I never thought I’d say this about a cutting board—it smells fantastic! (I’ve had it for several weeks now and the pleasant aroma can still be detected, especially when I’m washing the board in hot soap and water.)

I can’t verify the antibacterial claim, since I don’t have a lab. But I always use wood cutting boards because they are best for knives. Simply wash in hot soapy water and dry. Oil as needed. If these somehow do even more to keep germs away, great.

round cutting board from Fab Slabs

Product Test: I washed the board before initial use and it went from silky smooth to the touch to a bit nubby. I rubbed it with oil and let it sit overnight. After a few uses and washes, the texture diminished.

Since the board looks fantastic, it’s easy to slice up some snacks and serve straightaway.

The small board is a fine size for slicing citrus for cocktails, a small assortment of cheese and/or charcuterie, or a loaf of bread. But for serious meal prep chopping, a larger board is in order.

Final Analysis: Impressive! I decided to buy additional slabs—I rarely order what I receive as samples, this product warranted an exception.

At the time of my test, fires were raging in Australia, so it didn’t feel quite right to order wood from that country. The PR contact assured me, however, that these are harvested far from that area and also that these trees are actually an invasive species in Australia. So I ordered two additional Fab Slabs without guilt.

Get It: Order Fab Slabs on Wayfair or Overstock (Search “Fab Slabs”).
@21plusTravel Tip: Stick to the websites that sell Fab Slabs within the USA. Don’t look at the company’s Australia website, it will break your heart because it offers additional shapes and sizes plus all its Slabs are sold at prices that cannot be matched in the USA. I have friends in Australia, so I emailed the company to find out how much a package would weigh in order to figure out if it would make sense to buy it online, ship it to a friend in Australia, and have that friend ship it to me in the USA. A company rep gave me the name of a USA distributor. I emailed him and never heard back. Ultimately, I ordered from Wayfair; shipping estimates from Australia based on my best guess at a weight were ridiculous. I have since learned from Fab Slabs’ PR rep that Amazon may soon stock the boards; perhaps its prices will be lower, if you want to wait and see.

Fab Slabs cutting boards in 3 sizes

—By Hope S. Philbrick

Photos courtesy Fab Slabs.

Product samples afford the research opportunity but do not sway opinion.

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