Punchline Comedy Club

21 Plus Salute! Adults only at this comedy club in Atlanta, Georgia.

Punchline Comedy Club has opened a new showroom in a completely renovated portion of the Landmark Diner in Buckhead. The Landmark Diner has been a Buckhead fixture since 1994 at the intersection of Piedmont and Roswell Roads.

According to Punchline Managing Partner Jamie Bendall, The Landmark location was chosen after much consideration. “We’ve looked at close to 50 properties and in the end, wound up coming back to Tommy and Landmark again and again. He’s got experience running multiple locations, is already accustomed to having shows in the building, and this location has plenty of free parking, which ultimately is a factor for the way our business operates.”

Landmark owner Tommy Lambros is optimistic about the Punchline joining him Buckhead, “We are both well known brands in Atlanta. It should be great for everyone.”

Bendall’s partner, Chris DiPetta, adds, “Our plan is to give our Punchline customers a different way to spend time with us. Because The Landmark’s already open 24 hours a day, it’s possible we’ll be the only 24 hour comedy club in the country at some point.”

Bendall hopes that Atlanta comedy legend Jerry Farber, who had been operating a smaller comedy club in the Landmark for several years, continues to be a familiar face in the new Punchline. “I’ve known Jerry for over 20 years and have a great deal of affection for him and his value to the Atlanta comedy scene. It was Jerry who actually first suggested that we move to the Landmark when we announced we were going to have to leave our original showroom.” Landmark’s Lambros agrees. “Jerry has been a good partner. I thank him for all of the laughter he’s brought to our lives.” Farber himself also endorses the move,”I’m proud of what I was able to do in the space before it was renovated, but I really did think that was a great opportunity for the Punchline. I’m looking forward to getting back on the Punchline stage myself.”

According to Bendall and DiPetta, the Punchline formula will remain the same: Focus on building local talent and showcasing the best comedians from around the country. “It’s been working for 33 years, and although the names of the comedians change, the bottom line is making our customers laugh every show. Whether it’s someone you’ve heard of or someone you haven’t, you’ll always have a great time at The Punchline.” DiPetta notes.

The Punchline Comedy Club at The Landmark will feature nationally known headliners week in and week out.

Odds of Encountering Children: Zero.

Reservations are required and guests must be 21 or older with a valid ID to join the fun at Atlanta’s legendary and historic comedy club. 21 Plus Salute!

More Information…

Directions and details about upcoming shows can be found at www.punchline.com. Call 404.252.LAFF (5233) for reservations and information.

Stay connected via Instagram and Twitter @punchlinecomedy and Facebook at www.facebook.com/ThePunchline.

– Text courtesy Caren West PR; image courtesy Punchline


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