Red Phone Booth [UPDATE: 2nd location coming soon!]

Swanky speakeasy in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. And coming soon to Nashville, Tennessee.

Red Phone Booth
21 Plus Salute! Adults only, guaranteed.

By Hope S. Philbrick

If you really want to impress a date, this might do it:

Walk into a phone booth and come out looking like Superman.

Okay, so maybe you can’t quite pull that off as gallantly as Christopher Reeve.

Try this: Walk into a phone booth, dial a phone number and then push the back wall of the booth open, giving you and your date access to the hottest bar in Atlanta, Georgia.

That you can now do, thanks to Red Phone Booth.

Red Phone Booth

You can find the London’s-calling style red phone booth at 17 Andrew Young International Boulevard Northeast.

If you were a regular customer of Prohibition, the space will look familiar, from the swirly earth-tone ceiling tiles to the leather couches to the published rules of the bar. It’s the same concept, tweaked a wee bit perhaps, in a new space.

A renovated space, to be accurate. Red Phone Booth is housed in 4,000 square feet on the ground floor of what was once Dailey’s. Up on the second floor, Amalfi Pizza, a traditional Neapolitan trattoria occupies the remainder of the building.

Red Phone BoothTo get the secret phone number for Red Phone Booth start your evening by dining up in Amalfi, behaving yourself, tipping your server appropriately, and nicely asking your server for the code. Otherwise, it helps to know a guy or gal. I can’t print the phone number here, but if you email me and I know you and/or can vouch your genuine grownup-ness, I may give it to you. (Please keep reading….)

UPDATE: Effective 9/30/2019, there is a new code. I have it and will share it as promised in the preceding paragraph. If we’ve never met, you’ll have to somehow prove to me that you’re indeed a lady and/or gentleman who can be trusted with the access code to Red Phone Booth. Because I like the place and don’t want Lex Luther types messing it up. The best way to prove you’re a grownup is to subscribe to Getaways for Grownups before asking for the code; it’s free and we never share your email address. I will verify that you’re a subscriber before sharing the code, therefore can honor requests by email only (not text, not social media). Please understand that immediate replies are unlikely. Believe it or not, I’m not sitting here at the computer awaiting your request.

Red Phone Booth Red Phone Booth speakeasy bar

Red Phone Booth is great fun thanks to its atmosphere but also because it serves great cocktails. The menu offers an extensive list of classic craft cocktail made with great attention to detail with ingredients like fresh-squeezed juice, hand-chipped double-reverse osmosis ice, rare liquors, dozens of tinctures, bitters and flavoring agents, and bartenders who take their work very seriously.

The place is also a cigar bar and while there’s a ventilation system here, you will smell smoke.

But unless smoke is your kryptonite, you can deal with it.

courtesy Red Phone Booth

Coming Soon: Red Phone Booth Nashville

After prospering in Atlanta, Red Phone Booth is bringing its 1920s-style speakeasy concept to downtown Nashville, Tennessee, in the winter of 2019 at 136 Rosa Parks Blvd. While Red Phone Booth will be open to the public, just like in Atlanta you’ll need to secure a secret phone number from a member, concierge or friend and dial it into a restored London antique red phone booth in order to gain entry.

Currently in the build-out stage of the the 100+ year old building, the 5,200-square-foot upscale cocktail lounge will be open daily and offer classic craft cocktails including rare bourbon, whiskey, scotch and Japanese whisky selections. In addition, cigar enthusiasts can enjoy a wide variety of blends in an exclusive atmosphere.

“We have always planned to expand to other cities. Nashville offered the atmosphere of a thriving city, not to mention that countless music city guests to our Atlanta location have encouraged us to open in their city,” said co-founder Stephen de Haan. “Already with deep roots with family and friends in Nashville, operating partner Alpha Turner will oversee this location.”

At the Red Phone Booth, no detail is overlooked to create exceptional cocktails. Bartenders use 100% fresh squeezed juices (including blood orange, mango, and cranberry), hand chip double-reverse osmosis ice, cut garnishes to order, and maintain a collection of some of the rarest liquors available as well as over a dozen tinctures, bitters and flavoring agents. Red Phone Booth is also known for tasting events where guests not only get to taste through various flights, but also engage and learn the spirit’s history from key industry leaders.

Red Phone Booth

More Information…

Red Phone Booth
17 Andrew Young International Blvd NE
Atlanta, GA 30303

136 Rosa Parks Blvd.
Nashville, TN 37203

21 Plus Salute! Red Phone Booth is exclusive to adults age 21 and older.

Red Phone Booth

Amalfi Pizza

– Photos courtesy Red Phone Booth

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HSP15Hope S. Philbrick is founder and editor-in-chief of Getaways for Grownups. Her work has appeared in dozens of publications nationwide. She’s reviewed restaurants for several Atlanta-based newspapers and magazines for more than 14 years. When not writing, she can usually be found on the road or savoring something tasty.


  1. Thank you for this article! I have heard of this place but I don’t know anyone with a membership. I wasn’t completely convinced the place existed until reading your article! Now, I am even more intrigued. I love cocktail experiences, especially ones that involve a little mystery! I’m going to try your (dining at Amalfi) suggestion. Thanks again!

  2. Thank you so much for this article! This place sounds so incredible, I am sure it will be the light of our trip to Atlanta. I know my fiance will be beyond excited to be surprised with this gem. Would it be possible to receive the number? Or would you feel more comfortable that I use the Amalfi option?

    • Hi Tatiana,
      Thanks! I can provide the code, but I cannot post it here. I trust that like many grownups before you, you’ll be able to figure out another way to ask me for it that is not public 🙂
      Cheers, Hope

  3. Hi Hope,
    My husband and I are visiting from San Francisco and we have gotten so many fun ideas from Getaways for Grownups, this one especially! Would you mind giving me your email address so that I may ask a few more questions? Thanks!

  4. Thanks, for the article and code. I took my date there last weekend. Although it was a secret, the room was shoulder-to-shoulder packed. We were able to secure two seats at the corner of the bar. She had a simple martini, while I went for the signature Smoked Old Fashioned. You may come for the sticks, but you will stay for the show. The bartenders are artists in their own right. I watched Leo and Max mix cocktails with a fury. The butane torch stayed lit as everyone requested the signature drink. Their drink menu made for excellent bedside reading, a book about as thick as a graphic novel. The silent black and white films on the flat screen was a treat as well. Great ending for a date, as we spent about two hours in there. Next time, we will try an earlier time in the middle of the week.

  5. How possible would it be to get the current code to get in? My wife’s birthday is coming up and she is insisting that I find a way to get the code so that I may take her here. Thinking of making it a nice weekend trip in downtown Atlanta for her maybe stay at the Ritz next door or even the Westin.

    • That’s one option. Note that while the staffers at Amalfi will assess your general demeanor as a grownup as part of their decision-making process, they also try to control crowds inside Red Phone Booth. So for best results, try dining early or on a not-so-busy weeknight.

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