Road-Tested Travel Gear: Arcopédico Footwear [UPDATE]

Lightweight shoes for travel.

Arcopédico Footwear sells shoes it describes as “simple, comfortable, weightless.”

Founder Elio Parodi created the iconic knit shoe in 1966. In 2017 the “Easy Walk Experience Line” was introduced with the Lolita walking flats as the line’s first style.

Recently, Getaways for Grownups was asked to road-test a pair of Lolita flats.


The Pitch: ChicExecs PR emailed: “Arcopédico is known for comfort—shoes that are lightweight yet still supportive—which makes them ideal for traveling. Yes! I’m talking about a shoe that’s so comfortable and supportive that you can tour around Europe all day, and not be ready to throw them off as soon as you walk into your hotel room. PLUS, they weigh less than a pound and take up hardly any room in your suitcase.”

The Claim: “Designed for the active lifestyle, Lolita showcases Arcopédico’s patented Elstech technology upper which is a blend of Lycra materials. Elstech offers bidirectional support while conforming to the foots natural shape. With an overall weight of only 120g and a compact design, Lolita is ideal for travel, work, or weekend adventures.”

First Impression: The shoes are so lightweight it’s shocking. They slip on easily, are true to size (without socks), and feel like a cross between water shoes and slippers. The top conforms to your foot so there’s near zero risk of blistering even if you fail to “break in” your new shoes before a trip.

Road Test: The shoes have two components: The “’barefoot’ upper, a soft, non-binding design that conforms to the top of the foot to allow circulation and all-day comfort.” And “the patented, metal-free twin arch-support soles (made from molded polyurethane), which protect the foot arch and allow the distribution of body weight through the entire plantar surface.”

The tops conform to the shape of the foot, which is as flattering as the shape of your feet allow. The tops (Arcopédico says “Elstech” but “elastic” seems a viable descriptor) hold the shoes onto feet well for walking but can slip off easily at higher speeds and some elevations. The shoes can start to feel warm if you’re wearing them barefoot and walking around a lot and/or in higher temps.

The soles are supportive and offer comfort on rough surfaces. The polyurethane bottom evenly supports the bottom of the foot. Straight out of the box, these shoes are comfortable for walking even long distances on most any surface.

Final Analysis: Great option when trying to pack an extra pair of shoes into your suitcase and for walking around on a trip. For events that require “dressing up,” though, these are too casual. [Scroll down for UPDATE]

Get It: Buy direct at Prices on the Lolita style start at $69. Zappos and also sell various styles of the brand.


– Photos courtesy Arcopédico

UPDATE June 2019

road-testedNow that I’ve had these shoes for a longer period of time, and have tested them in multiple places, I’m an even more enthusiastic fan. They pack almost completely flat, and it’s nice to have an extra pair of shoes to change into (especially on longer trips). These shoes have almost zero break-in period, so you can wear them on long walks from Day 1. They’re super comfortable, have good support and traction, dry fast if they get wet, and even garner some compliments.

Featured products, services and/or travel arrangements may have been complimentary in part or in full; this affords the research opportunity but does not sway opinion. Thanks to Arcopédico and ChicExecs PR for the sample of Lolita flats.

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