Road-Tested Travel Gear: Delsey Paris Maubert 2.0 2-Wheel Duffel


By Chris Chamberlain

In the “Before Times,” my girlfriend and I used to revel in a little competition to see who could pack lighter for short vacations. After years of traveling together, we realized that the hassle of dealing with lost or delayed luggage, or having to find storage for all the junk we’d packed once we arrived, usually outweighed any inconvenience of not having exactly the right pair of shoes to go with that outfit. Besides, we were on vacation. What did we care if somebody noticed that I’d worn the same wrinkle-free lightweight travel shirt on the flight home that I did on the flight down?

So, a four-day trip to a beach resort in Mexico? No problem. We could accomplish that with a backpack and a small expandable carry-on. If we acquired anything extra to carry home on the trip, we could just unzip the extra compartment to expand our bag for more room, but whatever souvenir better be worth that extra $35 baggage fee on the flight home. (And don’t get me started on people who take up the whole overhead compartment on trips back from Mexico to bring back the plastic yard-long margarita glasses they paid for at Señor Frog’s! Are you going to use that as a water bottle at the gym? And that huge sombrero you crammed in with the carry-ons above your head? It will never see the light outside of your closet after you get home.)

Anyway, I digress. Since the pandemic severely limited our airplane travel, these sorts of concerns have mercifully been muted. If we’ve traveled anywhere together, it has been by car, so the only luggage size constraint has been whether it fits in the trunk of the car. Suddenly freed from minimalist packing, I was on the hunt for bigger luggage that could hold all the possible extra accouterments to make driving beach trips more enjoyable. You never know if the condo is going to have a blender, am I right? I’m talking luggage big enough that I don’t even have to deflate beach balls before packing. (Just kidding.)

That’s why I was intrigued when Delsey Paris reached out to me for the opportunity to road-test an expansive new rolling duffel bag that it had recently added to its line of luggage. I’ve been a fan of the Paris-based Desley for years, ever since I needed some extra cargo room to bring back some Christmas presents I’d purchased on a pre-holidays trip to Vegas and bought some clever and utilitarian bags from a Delsey Paris factory store in the hotel where I was staying. Through the years, I’ve purchased several more Delsey Paris bags, so I do appreciate the quality and design of the company’s products.

I road tested the MAUBERT 2.0 2-wheel rolling duffel. It’s available in a 24” and 29”, plus a 20” carry-on duffel and a 15.6” laptop backpack. Since neither of the rollers is sized for overhead compartment use, I figured why not go big? I’m quite happy that I did.

The Pitch: Ideal for the trendy traveler, the MAUBERT 2.0 is one of DELSEY PARIS’ newest versatile duffle bag collections. Featuring three duffel sizes and a matching backpack, as well heather blue and grey color choices, vegan leather accents and a mid-century-inspired style, this lightweight companion is perfect for all types of travel and stores flat for convenience. Additionally, the MAUBERT’s fabric and lining is made with recycled plastic water bottles, making it eco-efficient.

First Impression: Back when I first bought Delsey Paris bags, I chose red for the color so they’d stand out on luggage carousels. Now it seems like everybody has red, black, or royal blue luggage, so I chose anthracite (gray) thinking that it wouldn’t show conveyor belt dirt, and that turned out to be a good choice.

I was first struck by the fact that the Maubert doesn’t have a bunch of pockets and separate compartments, which turns out to be a boon because I’d really like to get the time back I spend zipping and unzipping the 20+ compartments on my tech-friendly back pack just so I CAN FIND MY DARNED IPHONE CHARGER! Instead, the Maubert has one huge open compartment for clothes and four zippered pockets for segregating items that you might want easier access to without shuffling through the main storage space. One of those zippered pockets actually has RFID protection to keep your credit cards and passport secure from prying technology.

Road Test: Did you know we sent a man to the moon before anyone thought to put wheels on luggage? I’m sure glad we finally got around to that discovery, because when this MAUBERT 2.0 is filled to its ample capacity, it’s a lot to carry around. A minor quibble is that the bag doesn’t come with an optional shoulder strap, but it would probably be too unwieldy to carry around that way anyway. Fortunately, the sturdy telescoping handle and rugged wheels make transporting your valise-on-wheels simple enough to maneuver through the airport. Substantial plastic feet and a skid plate on the bottom of the bag protect it from dirty airport floors.

I’m happy with my choice of color, an anthracite gray that hides scuffs or other marks that might show up after a different color bag makes its way through the baggage carousel. The sturdy fabric is made from 28 recycled plastic bottles, and even the “leather” accents are made using vegan materials. Durable zippers stand up to overpacking and feature tabs where for securing with the supplied TSA-compliant padlock. There’s nothing sadder than seeing a broken suitcase slide onto the baggage claim belt followed by a pile of personal belongings and clothes, and I’m confident that will never happen to anyone using the MAUBERT 2.0.

Because the main compartment is so large, you can pack a lot of clothes and accessories in there, and two straps are attached to the bottom of the bag’s interior to secure everything. I really like how the bag retains its box shape even with the zipper unzipped, which makes it much easier to load and unload. Digging through it to find a particular pair of socks can be a a tad difficult, but that’s my fault for overpacking. For my next trip I’ll use packing cubes and shirt folders to help organize things a little better.

Final Analysis: The Delsey Paris MAUBERT 2.0 probably won’t be the bag of choice for every trip, but it fills a valuable role when there’s a lot of cargo to carry. The quality craftsmanship and thoughtful design make it a go-to for long trips or car vacations when quantity trumps portability. It’s also stout enough to carry more than just clothes, and the integrity of its cubic shape, even when unzipped, means you could stuff it with anything you need to haul. I’ve ruined more than one rolling duffel trying to stuff it with books for a signing event, but I’m confident the MAUBERT 2.0 will be able to handle the load. See you on the road!

Get It: Buy the Delsey Paris MAUBERT 2.0 for $169.99 from the Delsey Paris website or at finer luggage stores. It’s available in multiple sizes in two attractive colors, anthracite or blue.

– Product photos courtesy of Delsey Paris

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