Road-Tested Travel Gear: Walkee Paws Adjustable Fit Dog Leggings

Walkee Paws Adjustable Fit

By Hope S. Philbrick

Walkee Paws sells gear to protect canine paws and legs from weather and weather-related dangers like hot pavement.

Recently, Getaways for Grownups was asked to road-test a set with our new puppy.

The Pitch: “When your favorite travel partner is man’s best friend, remember to pack some gear for unexpected weather conditions! NEW Walkee Paws Adjustable Fit Dog Leggings are the perfect way to protect your pup when you go for walks in unfamiliar areas, whether it’s hot, cold or rainy.

“When you need to help your dog beat the heat, Walkee Paws feature protective rubber booties that withstand hot pavement temperatures of up to 300°F. The booties are attached to leggings with drawstring elastic openings to make them easy to put on and when left open they allow for ventilation on hot summer days.

“You never know when it might rain, so the booties are also waterproof to shield your pet from rain and mud, while also preventing germs, chemicals, and allergens from irritating their skin or entering your home away from home. They also have grippies for traction and are made with strong rubber and a reinforced toe to prevent nails from tearing through.

“The NEW Walkee Paws Adjustable Fit Leggings feature two over-the-back connectors with adjustable straps to allow for the perfect customizable fit which also means no more losing booties that slip off!

First Impression: Cute patterns, easy to put on even a squirmy dog, and because they tie across the back these leggings are easier to keep on a dog’s feet than styles that don’t tie. (All four boots connect to each other across your dog’s back, so it’s impossible to lose one.) Short dogs may especially benefit from the leg protection.

When staying at a hotel with your dog, these will be appreciated by everyone as a way to help keep the lobby floor clean: In rainy weather, remove them from your fur bud in the vestibule before walking across that sparkling marble to the elevator.

Road Test: A pup will take awhile to get used to these, but our did learn to cooperate eventually. And compared to walking on hot pavement, she may really come to appreciate them.

A wide variety of colors and patterns means you can find something that suits your style and your dog’s natural cuteness.

Final Analysis: This is a nice product to have on hand when walking your dog in anything less than ideal weather. At home, keep them hanging near the leash for regular use to protect those precious paws from plants, rain, mud, hot pavement, gravel, snow melt chemicals, germs, and any unexpected potential hazards.

Get It: Shop for the new leggings here and explore the site for other products.

Walkee Paws Adjustable Fit Walkee Paws Adjustable Fit

– Photos courtesy Walkee Paws

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