Skyline Park

Skyline Park
Entertainment atop Ponce City Market in Atlanta, Georgia

By Hope S. Philbrick

Back in the good old days—your own childhood, however long ago that was—there was a certain thrill whenever the carnival came to town.

You can recapture that ooooooooooh yay! feeling when by stepping out onto the roof of Ponce City Market.

There, splayed out under the sun, is a colorful collection of retro fun and games. There’s miniature golf, a racing slide, and old-timey carnival games like ring toss, skee ball, high striker and more.

Skyline ParkSkyline Park

Test your skill to see how you measure up to your child self, or impress a date, or while away the evening with friends or coworkers.

When you’re hungry or thirsty, there’s no need to leave: food and drink concessions are readily available and serve higher-than-typical-carnival quality food. (Even more upscale food options abound inside Ponce City Market.)

Ride the elevator up to the roof for fun whenever suits your mood: Unlike those carnivals that pack up and leave town after a few weeks, Skyline Park has no set expiration date.

Skyline ParkSkyline ParkSkyline Park






Skyline Park’s design gives it a cool retro old-timey look, from the font and color scheme to the choice of games. The employees who work for Skyline Park are very enthusiastic about the place, which spreads among the crowd.

This is a place to kick back and have some fun, all with a great view of Atlanta.

Come play, whatever your age.

Skyline Park

Skyline ParkMore Information…

Admission is $10 for adults, and once you get up there everything costs additional except the view.

Odds of Encountering Children: High; for the best odds, head up to the roof after typical bedtime for wee ones. To ensure adults-only time, rent out the entire space—this makes the most financial sense if you’re organizing an event like a bachelor/ette party, blow-out birthday party, or work-related team-building outing.

Skyline Park
675 Ponce De Leon Ave. NE
Atlanta GA 30308

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