Soy Hot Candle Wax Massage

There are few times in your life when you won’t panic when someone puts their hands around your neck. This is one of those times.

By Hope S. Philbrick

No one will blame you for feeling a bit of trepidation about the new Soy Hot Candle Wax Massage, available exclusively at Spa Sydell.

The new 60-minute service (priced at $115) uses hot melted wax liquid in place of standard massage oil.

It may sound a bit risky, a little kinky and a tad crazy. But, trust me, it feels oh so good.

At the check-in desk you’ll be asked to pick a candle scent: cocoa, fig tree or vanilla lavender. Do a sniff test and go with your gut, it’s not like you can make a mistake.

Before the massage therapist even touches you, you’ll be asked to slip between soft clean sheets on a warm cushioned table and inhale whiffs of the delicious aroma. Cares drift away.

While skilled hands rub tension out of muscles using as much or as little pressure as you prefer, what most distinguishes this massage is the hot soy candle wax. “Soy is absorbed into the skin,” says one masseur—making this treatment ideal for dry skin. “You don’t need to shower afterwards, unless you want to.” The benefits can linger for hours.

To make sure you won’t feel burned, the therapist first pours the wax into his or her hands and then works the liquid into your skin. Smooth hot stones are also used to help liberate tight muscles.

Though the service has only been on the treatment menu since November 2012, it’s already popular. “But mostly with women,” says the masseur. “Men are afraid it’s too girly.”

Seriously? If you’re man enough to book a massage, strip down and get face down on a table, why draw the line at candles? Who will know? This wax won’t strip off your back hair. And hot stones are incorporated, so if you feel compelled to share details with your teasing friends, point out how manly rocks are.

The massage starts at the feet, then works up each leg to the arms and hands, then focuses on the back and shoulders. You’ll be asked to flip over for the therapist to work on your chest (above the privacy sheet line, ladies) and neck—with light pressure on the throat. Every massage is customized by focusing on tension areas, including those you might have pointed out and those that are found during the treatment.

The luxury need not end with the massage. Lounge in the softly lit relaxation room sipping citrus water or tea. Then head to the steam room or private showers.

When you leave, you’ll feel renewed.

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Candle Wax Massage posterSpa Sydell has six locations in Atlanta, Ga. For more information call 404.255.7727 or visit

****Odds of Encountering Children: Zero in your treatment room and very low elsewhere in the facility. A representative explains, “Minors age 16 years or older must have a guardian or parent sign a consent form before services can commence. Minors 16 years of age or older need to be accompanied by an adult if they wish to have a massage or body treatment. Teen Clean and nail services are acceptable services for younger clients.”

-Images Courtesy Spa Sydell



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