Sublime Doughnuts

“Eat One That’s Worth It”

Sublime Doughnuts

Sublime Doughnuts now has two locations in Atlanta GA.

By Hope S. Philbrick

I’m glad I moved. Or I’d have had to buy a whole new wardrobe in a bigger size.

The second Atlanta, Ga., location of Sublime Doughnuts—the gosh-darnedest best doughnut bakery that graces the planet earth—is less than a mile from my previous home address. The first location, near Georgia Tech, wasn’t exactly far away, but it wasn’t really convenient either, which made it easy to limit my visits to special occasions. If the place had been a mere short stroll away, I’d likely have found reason to treat myself more regularly. So, sorry Chef Kamal Grant, I love your mad pastry skills, but I’m just not strong enough to be neighbors.

I will, however, continue to stop by periodically. I’m not stupid.

Sublime Doughnuts

Sublime Doughnuts is aptly named. Each little puff of bliss is melt-in-your-mouth ethereal deliciousness. Popular flavors include fresh strawberries and cream, peanut butter cup, cookies and cream, orange dream (think creamsicle), and A-Town cream (like an éclair with vanilla pastry cream inside and dark chocolate icing on top). I’m partial to deep dark chocolate, dulce de leche, Nutella, and red velvet.

The menu was recently expanded to include ice cream, which I tried for the first time today. The high-quality ice cream is fresh, homemade and available in flavors like cinnamon toast crunch, strawberry rose, peach riesling, mega chocolate and more. My personal favorite—toasted marshmallow—also happens to be the most popular flavor according to the friendly gal who scooped my sample. Let’s just go ahead and call it the official flavor of summer. It’s that good. Whatever diet you’re on, give yourself permission to cheat in order to savor a scoop of this divine creation.

There’s no need to choose between doughnuts and ice cream. You can create the most decadent, delightful ice cream sandwich by marrying the two treats into one grabbable delight (Grant dubbed these treats “burgers”). It’s such an inspired combination that I just may have to walk the seven or so miles it will take for me to get there. (I could drive, of course, but I feel the need to establish personal guidelines.)

It would definitely be worth it.

Sublime DoughnutsSublime Doughnuts

More Information…

Sublime Doughnuts

New Atlanta Location:
2566 Briarcliff Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30329

Original Location:
535 10th St NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

Always ready to treat you: Open 24 hours a day.

Odds of Encountering Children: High, and odds are they’ll be racing around on an obnoxious sugar high when you do. Best to plan on taking your order to go.

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