Getaways for Grownups accepts queries for freelance articles by established professional journalists and authors with travel writing experience. Email your query to Please do not send complete manuscripts; any that are received will be discarded unread.

Our objective is to cover a mix of domestic and international locales of specific interest to adults, reaching beyond the obvious. Review our editorial calendar for more information.

To best leverage our growth, online rankings and current success, effective January 1, 2016, all bylined articles published by Getaways for Grownups must be original, have a clear message for adults traveling without children, and harmonize with the established voice of the publication.

Beginning in 2018, Getaways for Grownups does offer compensation for assigned works that meet our SEO targets. We are not yet able to pay for all unsolicited queries that we accept for publication. For that reason, we don’t put restrictions on future publishing of these articles. Note that we are writers and are thus committed to paying writers for all published articles as soon as possible; our business plan does not have unpaid talent as its foundation.

Writer’s Guidelines

Golden Rules

Before sending a manuscript, send a query. If we like your idea, we’ll let you know.

Don’t act like a prima donna when traveling. Trust us, word gets around.

Never miss a deadline.

General Requirements

The lead is crucial. If the first sentence does not attract our attention, it’s unlikely we’ll get to the second one.

Write for an adult audience. Know that multi-syllabic words are OK, but don’t pull out a thesaurus in an attempt to appear clever.

Avoid flowery language and most adjectives. Getaways for Grownups is not a PR firm.

Base facts on solid research. Quote interviewed subjects. Support opinions. Organize stories with a logical flow. Write with a narrow focus but not so limited as to have minimal appeal.

Check and double check for accuracy—verify all facts and double-check all name spellings, phone numbers, web sites and addresses.

Familiarize yourself with our writing style.

One typo is human. Dozens are a deal breaker.

Department Standards

When writing features for the “Hotels & Resorts” section, review a few previously published articles in this category by Hope S. Philbrick to see established standards such as the sort of “Essentials…” to include.

Publication Specifics

21 Plus Salute” is an honor bestowed upon destinations that are truly adult-oriented.

“Odds of Encountering Children” is an honest evaluation based on observation and research, though it’s not a guarantee. Odds may be reported as a percent, ratio or other terms (e.g., slim, guaranteed, etc.) This information is included in most but not necessarily all published articles, as deemed appropriate by the editor; however, writers are encouraged to include it in submissions whenever possible.


If your writing requires extensive editing, the article will be returned to you unpublished.

Photo Requirements

We publish online and so can accept photos in high, medium or low res.

Send 3 to 10 photos to accompany the assigned story. We may not use them all, but options are good. At least one image must be horizontal to fit the template.

Include photo credit details. If the photos were provided by a PR firm, please also provide contact information for that firm in case we have any questions.

Getaways for Grownups is a magazine, not a scrapbook. Quality images are selected to convey that distinction.

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