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The Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain

Nordic Nuance in Ontario, Canada By Sherri Telenko Despite the cooler temperatures, I’m outside in a bathing suit submerged up to my neck in warm bubbly water. Staring ahead, I haven’t been this still, mentally or [...]

Intercontinental Toronto Centre

Toronto, Canada in the winter: Not so bad, indoors… By Sherri Telenko Sometimes a romantic weekend sounds like a great idea. But sometimes it’s punctuated by moments that leave a couple wondering why they ever left [...]

Montreal, Quebec on Two Wheels

Our resident cycling enthusiast dishes on her recent roll through Canada’s famed city. By Julia M. Bayly Montrealers love their city. Spend any time there and it’s pretty easy to see why. Food, culture, entertainment, the [...]

Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth

Luxury hotel with a tie to music history By Julia M. Bayly When it comes to a visit to Montreal, getting there can be half the fun. On a recent trip with my friend Kim, getting [...]

Farmers in Chef Hats

Quebec writer’s award-winning book a must-read By Julia M. Bayly If you travel according to the demands of your stomach—or taste buds—there may be few better destinations than the island of Île d’Orléans in the St. [...]

Iles de la Madeleine

Much to discover and enjoy, in any weather. Text and Photos by Julia Bayly “Would you like some dried herring with that?” There’s an offer you don’t get in too many pubs. Unless of course you [...]

Domaine du Vieux Couvent

A picturesque place to savor daily bread and lay down to sleep. Text and Photos by Julia Bayly As a product of a parochial education, I have to admit the idea of staying in a converted [...]

Quebec Underground

There’s a reason spelunking rhymes with clunking. By Julia Bayly In hindsight, I’m kind of glad no one told me about the spiders. Small openings, enclosed spaces, tight corners, slippery ground and muck are fine. Subterranean [...]

Cycling in Quebec

Fun — Even When You Get Lost Text and Photos By Julia Bayly We were on a mission. After reading several accounts listing Quebec as a bicycle-friendly destination, the time had come to find out. So [...]

Eat & Burn: Cycling in Temiscouta

Our Eat & Burn series showcases destinations through their cuisine and unique ways to burn off the calories. Québec offers spectacular cycling and fine dining. Text and Photos By Julia Bayly It’s all about the descents. [...]

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