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Marsh Tacky Heritage Stables

Raising South Carolina’s state horse. By Hope S. Philbrick The state horse of South Carolina is small but mighty—some might say like the state itself. The horse and the state share a long history. “The Marsh [...]

Cowgirls & Cowboys in the West

Horseback riding in Amarillo, Texas. By Hope S. Philbrick When planning my Texas visit, one thing felt like a “must do”: horseback riding. It’s the quintessential Texan experience, right? Ok, so maybe it’s second to eating [...]

Mountain Cove Farms

Retreat to Chickamauga, Georgia By Hope S. Philbrick The night skies are dark and silent in Walker County, Georgia. It can be a shock if your eyes are accustomed to city lights and ears used to [...]

Eat & Burn: Blowing Rock, North Carolina

Our Eat & Burn series showcases destinations through their cuisine and inviting ways to burn off the calories. By Hope S. Philbrick EAT When in North Carolina, you can expect to eat local, seasonal fare. And [...]

Horsing Around in Amelia Island, Florida

If I could, I’d travel the world on horseback. By Hope S. Philbrick For my birthday, I planned an escape to one of my favorite places: Amelia Island, Florida. I’m not alone in my adoration of [...]

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