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TownPlace Suites Marriott Parkersburg WV

seating / dining area in the lobby at TownPlace Suites Marriott Parkersburg WV
By Hope S. Philbrick Rarely does a hotel deliver on a promise almost immediately as you step through the guestroom door for the first time. But TownPlace Suites Marriott in Parkersburg, West Virginia does just that. After pushing open the door to what would be my...

Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest

rear view of Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest
By Hope S. Philbrick You might walk around Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s famed home in Charlottesville, Virginia, and think it’s incredibly peaceful and relaxing. The grounds! The architecture! The views! But things aren’t what they were when Thomas Jefferson was alive. For starters, he had to deal with...

Craddock Terry Hotel

image courtesy Craddock Terry Hotel and Event Center Lynchburg VA
By Hope S. Philbrick When searching for hotels in Lynchburg, Virginia, discerning grownups need look no further than the Craddock Terry Hotel & Event Center. Step into a spacious hotel that feels swanky yet welcoming and offers everything you need to enjoy an overnight getaway, from...

Quick Stop: Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland
By Hope S. Philbrick At dinner with friends one night, our friends revealed that they’d be going to Baltimore, Maryland in a few days. “Eat dinner at Aldo’s!” I said, and then went on and on about the restaurant in Baltimore’s Little Italy neighborhood. Years earlier,...

2019 Chevrolet Equinox [Test-Drive]

2019 Chevrolet Equinox FWD LT 2.0T
By Hope S. Philbrick This trunk holds a ridiculous amount of shoes. As a professional traveler, I pride myself on being able to pack light. When I fly, I’m strictly carry-on only (in part because I’m anti hidden fees). Road trips, however, do allow packing extras...

Sandaway Suites & Beach

Sandaway Suites and Beach
By Hope S. Philbrick “We can’t be all things to all people,” says Wendy Gibson, who owns and operates Sandaway Suites & Beach in Oxford, Maryland, along with her husband Ken. “So we’re no dogs, no kids.” To that we say, “21 Plus Salute!” Our highest...

Lord Baltimore Hotel

exterior of Lord Baltimore Hotel
By Hope S. Philbrick My personal affection for Lord Baltimore Hotel began while I was sitting behind my desk in my home office. Struggling with details of a trip to Maryland that began as a quick weekend romantic getaway but morphed into a 10-day multi-destination...

21 Point Inspection for Accommodations [NEW]

By Hope S. Philbrick hotel inspection From the day we launched Getaways for Grownups, we’ve consistently featured hotels and resorts. We will continue to do so: We know that wherever you go and for whatever reason you’re going there, accommodations can set the mood for...

The Hotels at Fager’s Island

The Hotels at Fager's Island
By Hope S. Philbrick When reclining on a zebra-patterned chaise lounge, is it appropriate to pop up one knee in the same way it’s best to pop out a pinkie finger whilst holding a delicate teacup? It’s easy to start pondering such etiquette details when staying...