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In Season: Dollywood [2017 Christmas Update]

“If you see someone without a smile, give them yours.” —Dolly Parton Adults-oriented amusements abound, from thrill rides to seasonal performances. Smoky Mountain Christmas features 4 million lights, a colorful parade, and other themed treats. By [...]

Sea Turtle Rescue: Meet Anna Hyatt [Update]

Follow a recent rescued loggerhead to the South Carolina Aquarium in Charleston, South Carolina. By Hope S. Philbrick Since I recently helped rescue a loggerhead sea turtle, it seemed fitting to go visit her in the [...]

Loggerhead Sea Turtle Rescue with Black River Outdoors

Naturalist-guided kayak eco-tour of the salt marsh near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, leads to an unexpected sea turtle rescue mission. By Hope S. Philbrick Once in a while you recognize what will rank as one of [...]

National Wild Turkey Center & Winchester Museum

Gobble up South Carolina’s Old 96 District. By Hope S. Philbrick We’ve all seen the famous image of a pilgrim standing next to a wild turkey. Turns out, that turkey with the fancy fan tail isn’t [...]

Under Kentucky

Subterranean Adventures By Hope S. Philbrick “Caves are like snowflakes,” says Dave Foster, geologist and executive director of Hidden River Cave and the American Cave Museum. “No two are alike. You need to see them all. [...]

Cub Run Cave

Spectacular subterranean treasure in Kentucky Cave Country. By Hope S. Philbrick The idea for this travel series theme “Under Kentucky” appealed to me before I stopped to analyze the fact that researching it would require me [...]

Lost River Cave

Take a boat tour under Bowling Green, Kentucky By Hope S. Philbrick One of the largest cave entrances east of the Mississippi River leads to a watery passageway 60 feet below Highway 31W.  At Lost River [...]

Four Roadside Finds: Florida’s East Coast

Grownup fun, times four. By Hope S. Philbrick Five hundred years ago, Spanish explorers led by Juan Ponce de León stepped ashore in Florida. 2013 marks the milestone of that fateful step. Led by the Florida [...]

Horsing Around in Amelia Island, Florida

If I could, I’d travel the world on horseback. By Hope S. Philbrick For my birthday, I planned an escape to one of my favorite places: Amelia Island, Florida. I’m not alone in my adoration of [...]

Arkansas State Park Lodges

Spectacular sunrises, sunsets and views to admire all day long at three great escapes into nature. By Hope S. Philbrick On a recent trip through Arkansas, a busload of travel writers checked into lodges at three [...]

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