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By Hope S. Philbrick

Savannah, Georgia has been described as “America’s Most Haunted City.”

We’ve also heard that said about Alton, Illinois and Salem, Massachusetts, but maybe it depends on which sorts of ghosts are included in the census-taker’s survey.

Savannah’s haunted reputation is big business year-round:

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
the list goes on and on.

Savannah’s ghost tours and haunted venues are especially popular during October, particularly on Halloween (Fair Warning: Book your visit way in advance if Halloween happens to fall on a weekend!)

The Dresser Palmer House is no exception.

The historic inn has some sadness in its history: The home was a residential duplex and the Dressers, who owned the right half of the home (when you’re facing the front door), lost a daughter when little Madeline’s nightgown caught on fire. (Truly horrible.)

On that half of the home some guests have reported seeing a little girl, dressed in white with her hair in long brown ringlets. More often, guests find pennies in surprising places. Once, when two little girls were playing in the inn (which doesn’t routinely host children), the lights flicked on and off. Once, a visiting travel writer (not me) snapped some digital photos and when later viewing them on his laptop discovered an image of a little girl in one of the photos. Innkeeper Shannon Romine showed that image to me and it’s the most persuasive evidence of a ghost that I’ve ever seen, though I’m still waiting to see a ghost for myself.

Many hotels in Savannah (as well as in New Orleans, Charleston and many other cities), boast of their ghosts and leverage these stories to attract guests, especially during the Halloween season.

The Dresser Palmer House has avoided advertising its ghost, fearing it might freak some people out.

@21plusTravel Tip: Don’t fear the little girl ghost. The lovely Dresser Palmer House is worth a visit any time of year.

The Dresser Palmer HouseThe Dresser Palmer HouseThe Dresser Palmer House - living room






This is the rare historic inn (circa 1876) my husband and I honestly LOVED staying in. This is really saying something of significance, because it’s not often that we wholeheartedly and genuinely endorse an historic bed and breakfast–too often the vibe at such places is more like a dusty museum where there’s no place to put your suitcase without risk of breaking 16 ancient teacups than a comfortable guest room. This place is definitely above the standard, for starters because it’s spacious, clean and upscale. Somehow it manages to be both historic and contemporary with functional amenities (i.e., the toilets flush, the windows open and the beds and floors don’t creak.) We truly enjoyed our stay and bet that you will, too, whether you’re a fan of B&Bs or usually prefer upscale hotels. Each room is unique. Take a property tour and you’ll want to return again and again so you can stay in each one.

Odds of Encountering Children: Slim. Children are permitted only in the rarest of exceptions. 21 Plus Salute!

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