The Spa at Old Edwards Inn

Open the door to heavenly bliss in Highlands, North Carolina.

By Hope S. Philbrick

The Spa at Old Edwards Inn is the spa against which I tend to measure all other spas. It’s the one that has most consistently impressed me, so far. I’m always thrilled to return.

What makes this spa so exceptional? It does everything right, from the gentle kindness of the people who greet you as soon as you step through the front door to the multiple luxuries of the après-treatment relaxation lounge, from the swanky vibe of the oval-office looking treatment room lobby to the skilled therapists to the warm towels and cushy robes and flavored waters and hushed ambiance and more. I’ve found nothing not to like.

iStock_000008178569MediumOn my recent visit I opted for a hot stone massage and the therapist was able to accomplish in one 50-minute session what my chiropractor hadn’t resolved in 12 visits the preceding month. Pain vanished. Stress disappeared. Girl gone to bliss.

Walk in with an ache, feel it vanish. If that doesn’t prove how great this place is, nothing will.

At too many other spas, ever notice how despite the fact that the therapist who will administer your massage walks into the treatment room holding that form you were asked to fill out in the lobby—where you’re asked to reveal your medications, recent surgeries, current pains and pangs, etc.—he or she still manages to spend way too much time massaging your elbows, ears and extremities when what you really want and need is someone to focus on that knot in your lower back? Yeah, that won’t happen here.

At The Spa at Old Edwards Inn, they take that intake form as seriously as a pharmacist takes doctor’s orders. Your back hurts? Prepare for a back massage. Eureka!

Of course, if you want the full-body treatment, you can get that.

The massage tables are padded, warm, dressed in silky sheets, and so comfortable you might fall asleep. The hot stones are the just-right temperature to nudge away tension.

After the treatment ends you’ll practically float mid-air back to the relaxation lounge where you can sit in front of a fireplace or water fountain sipping flavored water and/or nibbling on spa treats in a co-ed expanse of rooms. Or you can head to the male or female locker room and its heavenly whirlpool, steam room and sauna trio. There’s also a row of what are possibly the largest showers on earth with 14 spraying spigots apiece to get you clean beyond clean.

The Spa is a blissful experience. But its effective, lasting results are what really set the high bar.

The_Spa_at_Old_Edwards_Solarium_with_Fireplace_HiRes PhotoshoppedspaCafeOpenWindows


More Information…

Spa SolariumThe Spa at Old Edwards Inn has been named the top hotel spa in North America by Condé Nast.

The Spa at Old Edwards Inn
16 Church St.
Highlands NC 28741

Odds of Encountering Children: Low.

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– Photos Courtesy Old Edwards Inn & Spa

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