Titan Peaches: 2018 [Cocktail Recipe]

Titan Farms
Don’t Worry, Be Peachy
Sip our annual cocktail creation featuring peaches from Titan Farms.

By Hope S. Philbrick

There’s a little tradition around my house: Every summer I receive a box of peaches from my friends at Titan Farms and South Carolina’s Old 96 District and head to the kitchen to experiment.

I use the fresh fruit to prepare past favorite recipes plus create at least one new recipe that showcases the peaches’ juicy deliciousness.

Titan Farms is the largest peach grower in South Carolina—and the second biggest in the nation. Titan Farms grows more peaches than the entire state of Georgia!

This year’s cocktail recipe is simple to prepare and a real winner: One sip, and I knew this was it, the 2018 creation to feature on this site. (You can find past recipes by searching “Titan”.)

Don’t Worry, Be Peachy

Titan Farms1 ounce golden rum (such as Appleton Special Jamaican Rum)
1.5 ounces Domaine de Canton French Ginger Liqueur
1 ounce peach puree
Schweppes ginger ale (you can substitute club soda)
3 peach slices to garnish
1 fancy straw to garnish (optional, but fun; environmentally safe reusable metal or glass straw preferred)

To make peach puree, peel and pit a peach from Titan Farms. Break or cut the fruit into chunks and place into a 4-cup Cuisinart food processor. Run until fruit is liquefied. For best results, use a peach that is very ripe.

Measure and pour rum, ginger liqueur, and peach puree into half a cocktail shaker. Place a handful of ice cubes in the other half of the cocktail shaker, pour liquid over the ice, assemble shaker and shake vigorously.

Strain into a Collins glass that has been filled with ice plus two peach slices slipped between the glass and the ice for visual appeal.

Top with ginger ale. Add straw and garnish rim with a peach slice.

Sip and relax. It’s peach season. Cheers!

Bonus: Peach Mojito

I can’t take credit for creating this recipe—I just added peach to a traditional mojito, and I’m surely not the first to do so—but we’ve also enjoyed a few of these refreshing cocktails this summer.

Titan Farms8 fresh mint leaves
1.5 Tablespoons simple syrup
1/2 fresh lime, cut into wedges
1/3 fresh peach, cut into chunks
1.5 ounces light (clear) rum (such as Bacardi)
Club soda
Lime wheels, peach slices and mint leaves for garnish
Straw (reusable metal or glass straw preferred)

Muddle simple syrup and mint leaves in half a cocktail shaker. Add fresh peach and lime wedges, muddle them into the mix. Add rum, a handful of ice, close shaker and shake vigorously until cold. Strain and pour into a Collins glass that has been filled with ice, along with a few lime wheels and peach slices for added visual appeal. (If you’re lazy and/or less interested in visual appeal, you don’t need to strain; you can dump the shaker contents into a glass and add more ice as needed to fill to the top). Top with club soda, add a straw and gently stir.

Sip and enjoy seasonal yum. Cheers!

Peachy Fresh…
  • Fresh South Carolina peaches are available May through September.
  • Peaches were declared South Carolina’s official state fruit in 1984.
  • California is the only state that grows more peaches than South Carolina—and California is 5 times the size of South Carolina!
  • Titan Farms is the largest peach grower in the state of South Carolina and the second biggest in the U.S.

Titan Farms


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Titan Farms

South Carolina’s Old 96 District

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