Laser hair removal means you won’t have to pack a razor.

Located in Atlanta, Ga., WIFH is one of the nation’s first concierge medical practices specializing in laser treatments.

Dr. Jay Kulkin and his staff of medical professionals have performed over 250,000 laser procedures.

The Claim: Smooth skin. “Laser hair removal offers a permanent way of getting rid of unwanted hair from any area of the body; it’s safe, fast and effective,” boasts the company website.

First Impression: I tried laser hair removal in the late 1990s and got burned. Is it any better in 2013?

Road Test: I visited WIFH at the recommendation of a friend. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable and eager to explain as well as demonstrate laser treatment advancements and current technologies. A treatment session for underarms takes less than five minutes. You remove your shirt, don some funky glasses to protect your eyes, and recline on a dentist’s chair/doctor’s table-hybrid with your hands behind your head. The technician sweeps a laser that has a blower attached to it across the area to be treated. You can smell hair burning, but any pain is minimized by the cool breeze and pleasant conversation. No special care is required post-treatment—you can shower immediately and even use antiperspirant the next day. For the first few days following the treatment, some nubs of hair push to the skin surface and fall away. Within a few days you’ll experience ultra-smooth skin, which lasts up to six weeks with one treatment.

WIFH laser 1Final Analysis: Laser hair removal is easy, relatively painless and effective. For a short getaway—or even if you’re cast on Survivor and will be “stranded” on an island for up to 39 days—one treatment can keep your underarms smooth for several weeks. For long-term results, multiple sessions will be needed, thus all laser hair removal packages at WIFH include eight sessions to be completed at six-week intervals.

Get It: At WIFH.

—Text by Hope S. Philbrick; photos by Jamie Annarino

Product samples afford the research opportunity but do not sway opinion. Thanks to Red Clay PR and WIFH for hosting the recent media night.

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